Public Consultation on Justice, Human Rights, and the International Legal SystemRead more

The ICM hosted a public consultation on June 14th on its discussion paper “Justice, Human Rights, and the International Legal System.”
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The United Nations Charter underscores the vital importance of promoting respect for fundamental human rights, including to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development. In addition to the robust normative framework on universal human (...)

Retreats and Public Consultations

  • Public Consultation on Refugees and MigrationRead more

    The ICM hosted a public consultation on December 16th on its discussion paper “Forced Displacement, Refugees, and Migration.”
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    The exponential rise of forced displacement, including massive migration and refugee flows, has shocked the consciences of peoples and unsettled institutions worldwide. As the humanitarian space is shrinking, many on the move today are increasingly desperate and seeking protection.
    The scale and complexity of the current challenge is testing the (...)

  • Ninth ICM Retreat Examines the Relationship Between the UN and Regional Organizations, Civil Society, the Private Sector, and NGOsRead more

    In an age of globalization, crises seldom remain contained within a single country; they tend to cross borders with frequency, whether through forced migration, the spread of conflict risk, or the rippling out of economic consequences. As a result, the fundamental challenges of the 21st century are all beyond the capacity of any single state to respond in isolation.
    At the same time, due to a lack of resources and persistent geopolitical obstacles, among other factors, the multilateral (...)

  • Public Consultation on TerrorismRead more

    The ICM hosted a public consultation on November 18th on its discussion paper “Terrorism Including Issues Related to Ideology, Identity Politics, and Organized Crime.”
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    Threats posed by terrorism and violent extremism continue to metastasize, stemming from a constellation of fault lines and imbalances caused by exclusionary, unaccountable, and ideologically based governance; identity politics; inequitable distribution of resources; and new and emerging forms of (...)

  • Public Consultation on Social InclusionRead more

    The ICM hosted a public consultation on November 18th on its discussion paper “Social Inclusion, Political Participation, and Effective Governance in Challenging Environments.”
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    Governance systems globally are facing a growing crisis of legitimacy vis-à-vis their constituents at state and multilateral levels. Local challenges confronting national leaders have become transnational in origin and effect. The multilateral system cannot be reformed if the foundation upon which (...)

  • Eighth ICM Retreat Analyzes the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and Addressing Climate ChangeRead more

    By 2016, the UN will have the opportunity and the challenge to operate under the most comprehensive framework on sustainable development in the history of the organization. The process and substance of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development have ushered significant shifts. The agenda’s universal application, integrative nature, and strong reference to peace as indispensable for sustainable development all mark a paradigm shift for the UN and its member states.
    However, the impacts of (...)

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