The Independent Commission on Multilateralism

The time is now to examine how countries collectively respond to crisis. The world is undergoing major transformations at unprecedented speeds, putting enormous stress on our institutions of global governance. The United Nations itself is the product of seven decades of cumulative institutional development. Is it working? Is it fit for purpose?

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Kevin Rudd serves as the Chair of ICM. He is a former Australian politician who served twice as Prime Minister of Australia. Among his many roles as a global leader, Mr. Rudd serves as President of the Asia Society Policy Institute. You can follow him on Twitter @MrKRudd

Barbara Gibson is ICM’s Secretary-General. A career Canadian Foreign service diplomat, she is seconded to the ICM as part of Canada’s contribution. She has previously served as Canada’s Ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, from 2004-2008. You can follow her on twitter @gibsonnyc

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  • IPI Launch of Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM) Final ReportRead more

    An overflow crowd attended the launch of the ICM final report at IPI on September 21 and heard a prediction from one of the co-chairs of the two-year project that the document would soon become essential reading for those plotting the future of the United Nations.
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    “Regardless of who will be the next Secretary-General,” said Børge Brende, Norway’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, “this document is mandatory for that person to read and internalize.”
    Another co-chair, Timor (...)

  • "Pulling Together: The Multilateral System and Its Future"Read more

    Entitled “Pulling Together: The Multilateral System and Its Future,” this is the final report of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM), an ambitious two-year project conducted by IPI. The report identifies how the UN-based multilateral system can be made more “fit for purpose” for twenty-first century challenges. It comes as a new secretary-general prepares to take office and the wider public contemplates how to sustain our fragile global order in the face of the great and (...)

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Issue Areas

  • Fifteen Issue Areas Cover Scope of Multilateral System

    Over the course of two years, the Independent Commission on Multilateralism has been analyzing the multilateral system through the lens of fifteen issue areas.

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