Public Consultation on Justice, Human Rights, and the International Legal SystemRead more

The ICM hosted a public consultation on June 14th on its discussion paper “Justice, Human Rights, and the International Legal System.”
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The United Nations Charter underscores the vital importance of promoting respect for fundamental human rights, including to achieve lasting peace and sustainable development. In addition to the robust normative framework on universal human (...)

Retreats and Public Consultations

  • Public Consultation on Women, Peace, and SecurityRead more

    The ICM hosted its first public consultation on November 4th, focusing on the findings and recommendations of the Women, Peace, and Security Discussion Paper, and providing an opportunity to reflect on the recent fifteenth anniversary of UN Security Council Resolution 1325.
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    Advancing the women, peace, and security agenda may require a fundamental rethinking of the traditional approach to peace and security in the multilateral system. There is compelling evidence that (...)

  • Seventh ICM Retreat Examines the Impact of New Technology on Peace, Security, and DevelopmentRead more

    As new technologies, tied together by the Internet, have spread around the world, the considerable governance and security challenges that they bring in their wake have also gained new prominence. Their potential remains relatively untapped, and its constraints are continuously pushed back to the benefit— and sometimes to the detriment—of development. Is there a role for the multilateral system in the management and implementation of new technologies? Should it learn to channel innovation (...)

  • Sixth ICM Retreat Discusses Forced Displacement, Refugees, and MigrationRead more

    Among the major crises of today is the unprecedented rise of forced displacement, refugees and migration flows. By the end of 2014, approximately 60 million people have been forcibly displaced compared to 51.2 million a year earlier and 37.5 million a decade ago. In every region of the world, the numbers of refugees and internally displaced people are on the rise, and the ripple effects have been global.
    Can the multilateral system strengthen global solidarity and promote shared (...)

  • Fifth ICM Retreat Examines Women, Peace and SecurityRead more

    How can the multilateral system embrace women’s participation in peace and security processes and implement the objectives of UN Security Council Resolution 1325? These were the key questions at the ICM’s fifth retreat held on June 19-20. Thirty UN ambassadors, experts, and practitioners representing governments and civil society organizations convened to examine some of the challenges in the multilateral system toward advancing women’s security and empowerment and opportunities to close the (...)

  • Fourth ICM Retreat Analyzes Fragile States and Fragile CitiesRead more

    Fragile states and fragile cities was the topic of the ICM’s fourth retreat held on May 8-9. Experts, academics, and ambassadors representing governments and civil society organizations examined the question: how can the multilateral response to “fragility” be made more efficient and effective? With 1.4 billion people living in fragile states and more than half of the world’s population living in cities today, the complex challenges posed by fragility requires crucial consideration at the (...)

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