UN & Regional Organizations, Civil Society, NGOs & the Private Sector

Ninth ICM Retreat Examines the Relationship Between the UN and Regional Organizations, Civil Society, the Private Sector, and NGOsRead more

In an age of globalization, crises seldom remain contained within a single country; they tend to cross borders with frequency, whether through forced migration, the spread of conflict risk, or the rippling out of economic consequences. As a result, the fundamental challenges of the 21st century are all beyond the capacity of any single state to respond in isolation.
At the same time, due to a lack of resources and persistent geopolitical obstacles, among other factors, the multilateral (…)

The Relationship Between the UN and Regional Organizations, Civil Society, NGOs, and the Private SectorRead more

More actors, institutions, and networks of interests are engaged in the international sphere than ever before. This paper discusses three of those: regional organizations; civil society and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); and the private sector. It will also ask how the UN system can better leverage relations with and among these actors, institutions, and networks for a more efficient and legitimate multilateral system.


Regional Cooperation in the Arab World: Q&A with Amre MoussaRead more

The United Nations Security Council is not living up to its responsibilities in the maintenance of international peace and security, according to Amre Moussa, former foreign minister of Egypt and former Secretary-General of the Arab League.
“Big powers and permanent members are really undermining the Security Council and, as a result, the credibility of the United Nations because of their own self-interests,” Mr. Moussa said.
For example, conferences in Vienna on the Syrian conflict have (…)

Rising Regional Cooperation Honors UN Charter: Q&A with Gert RosenthalRead more

In the past 10-15 years there has been considerable progress on building alliances between the United Nations and regional organizations, according to Gert Rosenthal, former minister of foreign affairs and former permanent representative of Guatemala to the UN.
Mr. Rosenthal said this development was in keeping with the vision clearly set out in the UN Charter, and the challenge now was to form partnerships in which all parties agreed on the delegation of duties and leadership.
“A clear (…)