ICM Meets With Civil Society Representatives

NY-based civil society representatives were invited to a briefing by Secretary-General Hardeep Singh Puri on the ICM and how it plans to engage with civil society in New York and globally throughout the course of its work. During the discussion, Mr. Puri noted that the ICM is actively seeking input from civil society—it will not be presenting a finished product to be commented on, but rather wants to involve civil society in the process as the ICM develops its thematic issues and discussion papers.

Civil society members articulated their support for the ICM, particularly given the momentum for UN review and introspection during this, its 70th anniversary year. Over the course of the discussion, issues raised included the need for increased, meaningful civil society participation in UN reform processes, the intersection and overlap of many issues and areas of concern facing the UN, and the critical importance of a “We the People” approach in conceptualizing and implementing the work of the UN.

Moving forward, Mr. Puri highlighted the ICM’s plans for further global civil society engagement, through retreats, opportunities via the ICM website to comment on the sixteen discussion papers that will delve into the thematic areas, live-streamed public consultations on ICM issue areas, and other fora throughout the ICM initiative.