First ICM Retreat Discusses Challenges and Opportunities of Multilateral System

This past weekend, the ICM hosted experts, members of civil society, and UN ambassadors during its inaugural retreat to discuss the state of a multilateral system that was started in the wake of the second World War and, while it has strengths, struggles to meet many of today’s challenges. The retreat, which took place February 19th-20th, was the first of 15 retreats that will be convened over the course of the year about the role of the multilateral system in addressing critical transnational issues that arguably affect every citizen worldwide.

Discussions were held under the Chatham House Rule of non-attribution, and were moderated by ICM Chair Kevin Rudd and ICM Secretary-General Hardeep Singh Puri. Ambassador Antonio de Aguiar Patriota of Brazil gave the keynote address, and author Nassim Nicholas Taleb provided lunchtime remarks.

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