ICM Policy Paper: Global Pandemics and Global Public HealthRead more

The global health architecture is increasingly under strain. Pandemics and epidemics are occurring at an unprecedented rate in recent years, and the Ebola crisis in particular revealed serious flaws in the capability of the system to prevent and respond to these crises. As the links between health, development, and security challenges become ever clearer, the multilateral system anchored in (...)

Final Reports

  • "Pulling Together: The Multilateral System and Its Future"Read more

    Entitled “Pulling Together: The Multilateral System and Its Future,” this is the final report of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism (ICM), an ambitious two-year project conducted by IPI. The report identifies how the UN-based multilateral system can be made more “fit for purpose” for twenty-first century challenges. It comes as a new secretary-general prepares to take office and the wider public contemplates how to sustain our fragile global order in the face of the great and (...)

Reports Now Out

Our issue area report on Global Health is now out, along with our summary report, "Pulling Together: The Multilateral System and Its Future." More issue area reports are forthcoming.

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