Engaging, Supporting, and Empowering Global Youth

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People under the age of 24 make up 48% of the world’s population, representing a clear demographic and democratic imperative for their further inclusion and participation in policy-making circles at national and international levels. A lack of adequate representation has fostered a growing crisis of credibility and legitimacy among individual states and, consequently, the multilateral system. Including youth as fundamental partners in national and global policy, principally by empowering (…)

Public Consultation on Engaging, Supporting, and Empowering Global YouthRead more

The ICM hosted a public consultation on May 20th on its discussion paper “Engaging, Supporting, and Empowering Global Youth.”
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Initiatives to create spaces for youth in national, regional, and multilateral policymaking does not always address the exclusion of youth from existing spaces and spheres of power. Access to modern information technology, mobile phones that support internet service, and online communication platforms have leveled hierarchies and provided many (…)


Issues Affecting Youth Far More Than Just Guns, Conflict: Q&A with Alaa MurabitRead more

“The greatest challenge for the multilateral system right now is that it’s just not inclusive enough, and a lot of people have lost faith in it,” said Alaa Murabit, Founding President of the Voice of Libyan Women.
According to Dr. Murabit, platforms within the UN structure, and even the state structure, don’t necessarily exist for youth involvement and for youth to be architects of the system.
Young women in particular face disproportionate disadvantages, she highlighted, listing a (…)