Communication Strategy for the UN Multilateral System

Fifteenth ICM Retreat Discusses Communication Strategy for the UN Multilateral SystemRead more

The UN is unique in its universality, credibility and unmatched convening power. There are parts of the world where the UN’s word is the ultimate benchmark. Seventy years after its inception, the UN continues to project success stories: from the adoption of the historic 2030 Agenda to spearheading the COP21 Paris Agreement. And yet, in other parts of the world, the UN’s relevance and preeminence as the epicenter of global governance is taken for granted. It is often not viewed as a solution (…)


It’s Ok to Be a UN Nerd: Q&A with Hayes BrownRead more

The World Editor at Buzzfeed News Hayes Brown discusses UN reform, reporting on the UN, and basically comes out as a UN nerd. Interviewed by Jill Stoddard, Director of Web and Multimedia at the International Peace Institute.
How did Buzzfeed get into world news?
Around 2012, Buzzfeed decided to venture into news, starting off with US politics. In 2013, they hired my boss, Miriam Elder, to run their World Desk. The World Desk is based here in New York, and we have correspondents around (…)

Reporting from the UN: Q&A with Colum LynchRead more

The senior diplomatic reporter for Foreign Policy, Colum Lynch, has covered the UN for more than 20 years. He spoke to the International Peace Institute’s Warren Hoge on the challenges facing journalists today and his experiences reporting about the institution’s strengths and weaknesses. The interview was conducted on the margins of the ICM’s retreat on the UN’s communications strategy, held March 10-11th.
Do UN officials understand the adversarial nature, at least of American journalism, (…)